Paella with Chef MariaMaria

Let us make your home the best restaurant in town!

Enjoy the experience of eating a delicious meal, appetizers, or a special buffet at home created by Chef Maria with some Canadian infusion. Chef Maria has a large repertoire of Italian, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Latino, and Spanish recipes to share with you. No matter how many restaurants there are in town, there is nothing like the aroma of fresh and natural ingredients at the privacy of your home. Let Chef Maria plan your great celebration with the best menu to suit your requirements. It is wonderful experience to invite people to your home and have Chef Maria create that special menu, buffet or cooking class demo for your guests. Chef Maria likes to serve some exotic appetizers just to warm the party and prepare roasted meat or grilled sea food with some side dishes, perhaps a casserole or a festival buffet at your table. She will introduce some colour by serving dishes in shells or perhaps place dishes with unique garnish, leaves, herbs, roasted whole red chillies, plenty of chopped coriander. How about enjoying some mint herbs in a passion fruit vanilla ice cream at the end. There are numerous choices in the menu, all of which Chef Maria guarantees to be tasty.